Everyday Rebate Rewards*

Receive up to $80 cash back every year just by submitting receipts for everyday purchases!

Members simply mail in receipts each quarter, totaling up to $200, with the appropriate quarterly Everyday Rebate request form and they will receive 10% cash back for a total of up to $20 each quarter (that's up to $80.00 annually).

Save when you purchase:

  • Gas

  • Groceries

  • Clothing

  • Pet supplies

  • Home goods

  • And much more!

*Everyday Rebate Rewards - At the end of each quarter, send an Everyday Rebate Rewards request form and receipts for up to $200 of purchases to receive 10% back for a total of up to $20 each quarter (up to $80.00 annually). Receipts must be a minimum of at least $10 each quarter and membership must be active at time of purchase and redemption to receive a rebate.