Skip A Loan Payment!
(it's not just for Christmas anymore)

GPO members can choose ANY MONTH to skip a loan payment!

Members may skip a payment once during an 18-month period for just $25.00.  To skip a loan payment, visit your nearest branch.

*To qualify, loan must have been booked more than 12-months prior to the skip date.  Members must be current on their loan and have not skipped a payment on this loan within the past 18-months.  This offer excludes Visa, Mortgage or Home Equity Loans, Business, Indirect, Payment $aver, Student Loans, and other open-end loans.  Subject to Credit Union Approval.

GPO members have access to FREE and Confidential financial counseling through the BALANCE program.

Accredited counselors can help you build a budget, reduce your debt, help you on the road to a new car or home, and even help you with the best ways to save for your goals.

Call 888-456-2227 to speak to a counselor about how you can become financially fit - or click here for more information.